Fidler Crest

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Poplar Spring Cemetery


The Poplar Spring Cemetery (also referred to in historical references as the Hixon/Gregory Cemetery or as the Green Lane Cemetery) is at the top of a hill 50 yards East of Green Lane (T-306), 2.7 mi south of Warfordsburg and 0.7 mi North of the Maryland border. (GPS coordinates: N 28° 43’ 50”; W 78° 12’ 46”).

The Fidlers’ two oldest daughters, Susanna Hixon and Eleanor Jacques married and had children, but died by age 40. Two of Susanna’s children also died young. All were probably buried here as was their father, Timothy Fidler, when he died in 1815 at the age of 73. Timothy’s grave was originally marked by a “lop-sided grayish-lavender boulder” but its location is unknown today. The graves that can be currently identified (in order of burial) are: